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Who we are

Negri & Associati are specialized in researching and selecting personnel. Their 20 years of experience has served as the foundation for their business.

Our human resource selectors are all professionals with histories working for well-established companies. They have a solid know-how and awareness of the many various roles and responsibilities present in a company. Our staff operate with the utmost care for privacy and discretion for both our clients and the candidates that we work with to provide a high quality service that is focused on the added value that employees bring to the company itself.

Our client portfolio is made up of established and well known companies in sectors across the board from foods, metal mechanics, electronics, technology, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, ceramic tiles, textiles, perfumes, whole selling, services and public services. We select employees to fill all roles throughout the company based on the request and need of the client including positions in Top management, Marketing and sales, projecting and technicians, human resources, IT, administration etc.

Negri e Associati - Research and personnel selection

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