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How we operate

Our staff acts in harmony as one driving force with the client to make sure that the search for the ideal candidate is successfully satisfied. The first step is a meeting with the client's company to understand that specific ideas, needs and desires of their ideal candidate. This is followed by a written profile of what the client is looking for.

The process of finding the ideal candidate takes place using three main channels:

- direct contact with the company where the candidates work
- a written ad in press packages or online
- evaluation of the CV's currently present in the Negri & Associati's database

After a careful selection made through interviews a detailed, highly-confidential report is presented to the client, outlining each candidate's competence, skills, experience and reason for wanting to chance jobs.

The conclusive phase is the presentation of the best candidates who are most suited with the client's ideal profile at the Negri e Associati offices to then present the next steps of the selection process.

Negri & Associati is committed to guaranteeing high-quality standards to each and every candidate and client company to ensure the utmost efficiency and efficacy during the entire selection process.

Negri e Associati - Research and personnel selection

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