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Our values

Negri & Associati honours a strictly professional ideology during every single Research and Selection. We will illustrate quickly our key points which we hold as integral parts of our working world.

Privacy and discretion are of our utmost and top concern. We ensure that each candidates' profile will be held strictly confidential.

Both the clients and the candidates are constantly kept informed and updated on the happenings throughout the selection process.

Negri & Associati is committed to not presenting a single candidate to more than one company at a time.

The relationship between Negri & Associati and its companies, is to be considered exclusive for the entire duration of the selection phase.

The commitment is to be considered concluded only in the case of the hiring of the candidate or in the case that the client company decides to suspend the selection process for internal reasons.

In the case that the candidate who is inserted into the company decides to discontinue their contract within the initial "trail" period working for the new company, we are committed to continuing the selection for a new canidate without any added costs.

Any candidates that are chosen and inserted in companies from previous selections will not be contacted again for future selections.

Negri e Associati - Research and personnel selection

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